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Rogers started out at the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia, PA as an intern with the building's owner, Vernoca Michael, and she worked closely closely with matchmaker Don Elbaum.  When the building closed in 2010, Rogers was approached by her now mentor, J Russell Peltz, and has been working with Peltz Boxing Promotions, Inc., since April, 2011.  She also has promoted two shows herself, once in 2011, one in 2012.

Peltz has had a strong influence on BAM and the way the company is run.  Every connection made through the company helps to mold BAM Boxing Promotions.  Learning the ropes from a company that has been a key hole in the sport for over 47 years has opened up doors of opportunity for BAM Boxing.  Russell has taught her the ins and outs of the boxing industry and former Peltz Boxing Vice President Maureen Sacks taught her about running a business and keeping the things in order. 

On her own, however, is Brittany's strength and she has forged relationships with dozens of young fighters in the Philadelphia area, constantly visiting the boxing gyms throughout the city and checking over prospects for the company.  She also works with Joe Hand Promotions, of Feasterville, PA, and occasionally with Main Events, based out of Totowa, NJ.


BAM's family (Mike, Barbara, Michael, Patrick & Monika), are Brittany’s backbone through the building of her company.  Anything that she needs done, they will do.  They have worked for her taking tickets, ordering programs, designing different items, hanging posters, helping coordinate events and most importantly they are the ones that have to deal with her most leading up to fight week, when she is most stressed out! Senior typically takes care of going over ideas for promotion of the company. Barbara and Monika help with ticketing and behind the scenes work. Patrick does alot of running and Michael handles organizing and controlling hosting of the website as well and promotional ideas.

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