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Dubbed the “Raging Babe” by the Phoenix New Times Magazine, Rosado parlayed the moniker into a successful boxing and lifestyle brand under the mentorship of “The First Lady of Boxing,” Jackie Kallen and hall of fame promoter, J Russell Peltz.


A successful Radio Host, Boxing Promoter, and Marketing Consultant, Rosado has found her niche in excelling at both the entertainment side of boxing, as well as the event and fighter marketing aspect of the male-dominated business. Rosado launched her passion project, the Raging Babe Brunch in 2012.  Both a celebration of women in a male-dominated industry and a valuable networking event. It was around the same time that she launched her apparel line, which features t-shirts for male boxing fans and the underserved female boxing fan demographic.  


Rosado grew up in the Philadelphia-area watching boxing alongside her father, not knowing at the time that her boxing career would take her full circle, and that she would one day be working events in her old stomping grounds. Inspired by her late father who passed away when she was 17, Rosado continues to press on with the spirit of him within her. It’s this driving force that gives her the strength to carry on.


For Michelle Rosado, boxing isn’t work.  She doesn’t punch the clock at the end of the day, and vacations and breaks are largely imposed upon her by her friends and family.  She makes it look easy, and like everything she touches turns to gold.  What’s unseen is the passion, hard work, ambition and humility that drive her success. 


The Raging Babe story continues…

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